Day: December 18, 2020


Phone Sex Fantasy

Phone Sex Fantasy

Phone sex fantasy isn’t an oxymoron, it’s true as it comes. Phone sex operators tap into an underutilized avenue (the ears) that turns you on. Listening to someone’s voice and their moaning will seriously arouse you.

Phone sex fantasy is a gateway avenue you can use to have tantalizing sex without ruining both your fantasies. For couples who are subjected to having a long-distance relationship, nothing comes in handy more than phone sex fantasy.

If you’re not masturbating to each other on FaceTime, perhaps you fancy touching yourself listening to your partner on the other end of the line. It’s sexy; it’s intimate, and a perfect way to keep your physical part of your relationship becomes more robust.

Phone sex fantasy is perfect for individuals separated by lots of miles and can be a welcome routine that helps you miss your loved one.

Sext chatting sessions slowly build up your arousal, and in between, you can have mindblowing sex talking nasty things that you want to do to your partner. Bring along your sex toys and take role-playing sessions to spice up everything.

Being equipped with the right tools, a fleshlight for you, and a vibrator for her are the stepping stones to living a phone sex fantasy session.

Role-Playing Fantasies

To make your sessions worthwhile, you should come up with a list of role-playing fantasies. You can also suggest spanking specifics that you’re both comfortable with. While you’re on the phone, you can also come up with ideas such as orgasm denial, light biting, rimming, bondage, etc.

If you’re into voyeurism, then this is the perfect time to try it out. Get off by watching the same channel where people get naked and engage in sexual acts in public.

Imagine it’s the two of you getting stark naked and humping each other on a favorite public bench where people watch you bang each others’ brains out.

With a dedicated partner listening on the phone, you can touch yourself in ways that make the conversation and sexual fantasy more interactive. Doing so not only controls the conversation’s flow, you get to give each other commands, and kick up your phone sex fantasy up a notch.

The Breakout

Never be afraid of breaking out your favorite vibes if they will help stimulate your private parts. Make him grow hard or make her get wetter by going into details about the tools you’re using and how you want to use them.

Sex toys will help increase organism changes and makes it easier for more areas to get pleased. Placing the buzz on the phone and allowing your partner to hear exactly how you’ll make them cum when you’re using the toy on their body.

At times saying words makes one fumble, more so if the words are sexual and erotic. To have a perfect phone sex fantasy session, you can start by sexting and gradually move up to phone sex. Such progressions help you better prepare to have both your minds blown!

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